Businesses today face greater security and data protection issues than ever before. Hackers have become adept at breaking into unguarded networks to steal the firms, as well as their customers\’, sensitive information. Industry and government have fought back with a variety of anti-hacking techniques. Chief among these is the process of encryption. This article discusses the various subtleties inherent in encryption, as well as how they relate to Hard Disk Encryption, Secure Buying Online, and Secure Online Banking.

To properly understand what is involved in defending computer networks and the private data that they contain, a few definitions must be considered first. Cryptography is properly defined as the studies in computer science and mathematics pertaining to information security and relevant sub issues, such as encryption and authentication. Encryption, then, is the procedure used to hide information by causing it to be impossible to read unless the individual possesses certain, secret knowledge. This secret knowledge is better known as an encryption key, which is a digital code utilized along with a cipher to decrypt or encrypt sensitive information and other data. Encryption and encryption keys are based on the use of cryptographic algorithms. Such algorithms are the directions for completing a certain task. They are, in fact, the basis for encryption functions. Data is encrypted using these algorithms and keys according to an International Data Encryption Standard, known as the IDEA. This has proven itself capable of standing the test of time, since the cipher which mixes functions from various differing algebraic groups is still deemed to be among the most powerful of algorithms available.

Users of the Internet can sleep easier at night, thanks to recent advances in cryptography and encryption techniques which have been realized. Through Hard Disk Encryption, Secure Online Buying, and Secure Online Banking, hackers have been prevented from stealing a range of critical and sensitive data from both consumers and businesses. The companies leading this fight in advancing to next generation SSL certificates are working tirelessly to stay a step or two ahead of the malicious individuals engaged in the devious plots of identity theft.